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Release Base Papers

High-performance Base Papers

Our extensive selection of coated and uncoated machine-glazed base liners, super-calendared kraft (SCK), and clay-coated kraft (CCK) papers deliver the print-performance and dimensional stability you need for a variety of applications. From sheetfed, roll and die-cutting applications to FDA-compliant base sheets for direct food contact, we have the solution to your base paper challenge. If your needs go beyond our extensive portfolio, our on-site development engineers can collaborate with you to create a tailored solution.

Features & Benefits

  • Compatible with both thermal and radiation curing systems
  • Compatible with a variety of catalysts
  • Extensive options for all three release levels (easy, medium and tight)
  • Superior layflat properties and dimensional stability
  • Superb backside printability
  • Functional one-side (F1S) and functional two-side (F2S) differential release

Clay-Coated Kraft (CCK)

The consistent surface and dimensional stability of our clay-coated kraft papers drive exceptional performance for graphic arts, printed labels and other advanced applications.

Exhere® Matte

Exhere Matte clay-coated release papers offer enhanced layflat properties and exceptional performance with sheetfed and roll applications. With functional one-side and two-side options available and superb backside printability, Exhere delivers a full range of choices to meet your challenge.

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Exhere® Densified

Exhere Densified clay-coated release liners are designed for optimal performance in die-cutting and plotter cut applications. These high-density release liners are refined and calendared to provide a solid backstop for die-cutting the face portion of a laminate. Functional one-side and two-side options are available.

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Aspect® CCK

Aspect CCK is a hybrid, clay-coated, densified release base compatible designed for high-performance applications. This functional one-side paper is compatible with a variety of catalysts and silicone systems to meet the needs of your unique application.

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Aspect® CCR

Aspect CCR is a clay-coated, densified kraft sheet with a smooth and glossy surface for die-cut, pressure-sensitive label applications. This high-performance release base is functional one-side and compatible with a variety of catalysts and silicone systems to meet the needs of your unique application.

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Super-Calendered Kraft (SCK)

These kraft release papers are super-calendared for enhanced density and superior layflat performance with silicone coatings.

Aspect® SCK

Aspect SCK is a low-ash, densified roll liner compatible with a variety of catalysts and silicone systems. With exceptional layflat properties when silicone coated and no optical brighteners, Aspect SCK delivers excellent performance for label and film roll applications.

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Coated Machine-Glazed Base Papers

Our coated machine-glazed base papers are designed to perform with solventless, radiation and emulsion silicones for advanced release and pressure-sensitive applications.

PointSil™ Base Papers

PointSil is a functional one-side release-liner base sheet designed for pressure-sensitive labels and laminations. PointSil features excellent dimensional stability for laminate layflat and a clean, white, premium appearance. Coatings are designed for solventless, radiation and emulsion silicones.

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Uncoated Machine Glazed Base Papers

Our uncoated machine-glazed base papers are designed for oil and grease resistance, low porosity for moisture holdout and high strength for demanding converting processes.

GlazeSil™ Base Papers

The GlazeSil product line offers lightweight, uncoated, machine-glazed base sheets. FDA-compliant for direct food contact, these release liners are ideal for food-packaging and hygiene applications. GlazeSil is available in a bleach white or natural kraft shade with a smooth and uniform surface for excellent silicone coating and release chemistries.

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Product Selector Tool

Choose the paper features you need and find the perfect SKU base paper for your application.