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Release Papers

Customizable Release Papers

  • Extensive options for all three release levels (easy, medium and tight)

  • Superior lay-flat properties and dimensional stability

  • Superb back-side printability

  • Functional one-side (F1S) and functional two-side (F2S) differential release

  • High-performance, pressure-sensitive facing papers

  • Fully customized solutions available

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Solutions for Any Application

With nearly 50 varieties of clay-coated kraft (CCK), super-calendered kraft (SCK), machine-glazed base liners and specialty silicone release liners, Pixelle delivers the broadest range of release products in North America. If your needs go beyond our extensive portfolio, our on-site development engineers can collaborate with you to create a tailored solution.

  • Casting Papers

    Reliable, customizable casting papers engineered for consistent performance when curing PVC films and foams, urethane foams and natural rubber.

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  • Release Base Papers

    Coated and uncoated machine-glazed base liners, super-calendered kraft and clay-coated kraft release base papers

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  • Silicone Release Liners

    Siliconized specialty release liners designed for superior performance with pressure-sensitive adhesive applications.

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Our Commitment to Sustainable Forestry

We are proud to hold several forestry certifications that help ensure our products are sustainably sourced from well-managed forests. As responsible stewards of the environment, we’re committed to preserving our woodlands for the benefit of future generations.