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Customizable Base, Release and Casting Paper

  • Compatible with a variety of catalysts

  • Extensive options for all three release levels (easy, medium and tight)

  • Functional one-side (F1S) and functional two-side (F2S) differential release

  • Consistent release and surface performance

  • Superior lay-flat properties and dimensional stability

  • Fully customizable solutions available

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Solutions for Any Application

Exhere base papers, specialty release liners and casting papers are designed for enhanced lay-flat properties and superior performance. With the broadest range of specialty casting and release papers in North America, we make it easy to find the perfect solution for your application. If your needs go beyond our extensive Exhere product line, our on-site development engineers can collaborate with you to create a tailored solution.

  • Exhere® Casting Paper

    High-performance casting papers with consistent release, surface appearance and excellent reuse performance

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  • Exhere® Densified

    High-density release base designed for optimal die-cutting performance

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  • Exhere® Matte

    Specialty release base papers designed for sheetfed and roll applications.

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  • Exhere® Silicone Release Liners

    Specialty silicone release liners for pressure-sensitive adhesive applications.

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