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Barrier Coatings

Advanced Barrier Technology. Enhanced Paper Performance.

Our extensive range of barrier coatings take the performance of your paper packaging to the next level. Seal in aromas, contain liquids, block grease and more with advanced barrier technology that can help to replace single-use plastics with one of the most renewable substrates on the planet.

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Barrier Coatings for Sustainable Packaging

We have extensive barrier coating capabilities to provide dimensional stability and improve performance for packaging papers and other applications. These coatings do not contain plastics and are repulpable and available without PFAS chemicals, making them an environmentally friendly alternative to latex-saturated and polyethylene-coated papers.

Our Technology

Our Barrier Coating Technologies

Oil- & Grease-Resistant Barrier

Surface treatment that resists penetration of oils and greases for use in both food contact and industrial applications.

Moisture Vapor Barriers

Surface treatment or coating to minimize transmission of water vapor, enhance stability and improve curl resistance for use in food and industrial packaging.

Nitrogen Barriers

Treatments that prevent exposure to hazardous chemicals for use in food and industrial packaging.

Water-Resistant Barriers

Internal or surface treatment that resists liquid penetration for use in packaging, food contact and other applications.

Oxygen Barriers

Treatments that help prevent oxidation and protect against environmental contaminants for use in food packaging and other applications.

Aroma Barriers

Treatments that help papers seal in aromas for use in food packaging, industrial and other applications.

Fluorocarbon-free OGR Papers

Enhance the safety and sustainability or your food service application with our new fluorocarbon-free barrier technology FlexArmor™ for oil- and grease-resistant papers.

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Enhance Safety and Sustainability with Fluorocarbon-Free Technology

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