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Food Packaging

High-Performance Food Packaging Papers

  • Superior runnability and converting performance

  • FDA-compliant for direct food contact

  • Bleached and natural kraft options available

  • Chain-of-custody fiber certification available upon request

  • Unmatched dimensional stability for demanding applications

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High Performance. Strong Appeal.

Our food packaging papers deliver an optimal balance of strength and printability for high-performance packaging that stands out on the shelf. Our extensive portfolio offers consistent converting performance and excellent runnability using one of the most renewable substrates on the planet. From pouches, canisters and bags to confectionary and lidding applications, our food packaging papers protect products and enhance shelf appeal for many of the world's leading brands.

  • Dry-Wax Alternative Papers

    Dry-Wax Alternative Papers

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  • Food Release

    Custom-engineered, uncoated food release papers for excellent release performance

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  • Ice Cream Packaging

    Coated and uncoated papers that deliver excellent strength and printability for ice cream packaging

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  • Interleaver Papers

    Uncoated, machine-glazed interleaving papers for food packaging applications

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  • Laminating/Extrusion Base Papers

    Lightweight base papers for extrusion coatings and lamination for a variety of food packaging applications

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  • Lidding

    Coated and uncoated lidding papers that provide exceptional strength during printing and converting

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  • Spiral Canister Papers

    Composite canister labels with excellent print-side smoothness and a high-gloss surface

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  • Waxing Base

    Food packaging base papers designed for fast, uniform absorption of wax

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Our Commitment to Sustainable Forestry

We are proud to hold several forestry certifications that help ensure our products are sustainably sourced from well-managed forests. As responsible stewards of the environment, we’re committed to preserving our woodlands for the benefit of future generations.