FlexArmor™ | Pixelle®

Fluorocarbon-Free Paper

PFAS-Free Barrier Technology for More Sustainable Packaging

  • Compatible with basis weights ranging from 15 lb. to 150 lb.

  • Works with bleached or natural kraft papers

  • Available with wet strength

  • FDA-compliant for direct and indirect food contact

  • Functional one-side (F1S) and functional two-side (F2S) options available

  • FC-free options also available for non-food-related applications

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The Sustainable Alternative

FlexArmor™ barrier technology from Pixelle® delivers reliable oil and grease resistance for an extensive range of food service applications without the use of fluorocarbons (FC), also known as polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). This innovative, FC-free barrier technology provides a more sustainable alternative to conventional oil- and grease-resistant (OGR) papers while maintaining a comparable level of performance. FlexArmor is available with a broad range of basis weights and performance characteristics and is supported by a dedicated team of experts who can tailor a custom solution and facilitate your transition to FC-free products.


  • Baking cup icon.
    Baking Cup Stock
  • Sandwich wrap icon.
    Burger, Sandwich and Deli Wraps
  • Butter wrap icon.
    Butter Wraps
  • Cookie bag icon.
    Cookie Bags
  • French Fry bag icon.
    French Fry Bags
  • Meat and fish paper icon
    Meat and Fish Papers
  • Pan and pizza liners icon.
    Pan and Pizza Liners
  • QSR pouch icon.
    QSR Pouches

Advanced Barrier Coating Technology

Seal in aromas. Contain liquids. Block grease. Learn how our extensive range of barrier coatings can take the performance of your paper packaging to the next level.

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OGR Food Papers

FlexArmor barrier technology can be used with a variety of OGR papers from our extensive food service portfolio. Find your solution and go PFAS-free.

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