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Made in the USA

We're Committed to American Manufacturing

Pixelle is a proud American company. And we stay true to our roots through our commitment to manufacturing in America. That’s how we ensure the highest standards of quality while also providing jobs that keep our communities strong and our economy competitive.


We Live Where We Work

We do more than make specialty paper, we also help build our communities. With more than 2,100 employees working at our operations in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin and Maine, we provide jobs that keep America strong.

Spring Grove, PA

Stevens Point, WI

Chillicothe, OH

Fremont, OH

Why Buying American Matters

Buying American-made products not only ensures you get the highest quality, it also helps to provide livelihoods, to reduce the environmental footprint and to strengthen the economy for generations to come.


Jobs That Build Communities

Buying American-made products helps to provide jobs for workers in America. Those jobs strengthen local economies that help communities thrive.


Reduced Environmental Footprint

Buying products that were made closer to home means they have less distance to travel to get into the hands of customers. That helps reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions for a smaller environmental footprint.


American Competitiveness

Buying American-made products is an investment into the American economy. It helps ensure American economic independence, improves our competitiveness and attracts more investment opportunities in our country.


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