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Oil- and Grease-Resistant Papers

Engineered for Exceptional Grease Holdout

Our extensive portfolio of oil- and grease-resistant (OGR) papers deliver excellent grease holdout for a wide range of food service applications. Whether you need bleached or natural kraft, wet strength or fluorocarbon-free OGR barriers, we can meet your needs.

An image of a sandwich in a paper wrap
  • An icon of a concession tub.
    Our oil- and grease-resistant tubs are designed for brim rolling and excellent print performance on offset and flexo presses.
    Basis Weight Range: 10-14 pt.
  • An icon of a paper bag.
    Bag Stock
    Our printable, oil- and grease-resistant bag stock is designed for high strength and susceptor adhesion.
    Basis Weight Range: 25-60 lb.
  • An icon of a wrapped stick of butter.
    Butter Wrap
    Printable, oil- and grease-resistant butter wrap is designed for pliability and optimal wrapping performance and can accept wax.
    Basis Weight Range: 20-40 lb.
  • An icon of a sandwich on a piece of wrapping paper.
    Hamburger Wrap
    Our lightweight, printable hamburger wrapping paper is treated for oil and grease resistance and available in a variety of colors.
    Basis Weight Range: 14.8-35 lb.
  • GlazeWrap™

    GlazeWrap is a versatile, uncoated machine-glazed paper designed for food packaging applications. It has a smooth and uniform appearance when laminated to foil or film and is suitable for wax saturation.

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  • GlazeWrap™ NK

    GlazeWrap NK natural kraft, uncoated machine-glazed papers use unbleached fibers for food packaging with a natural look and feel. These papers are available in a wide variety of basis weights.

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  • GlazeWrap™ WS

    Designed for packaging applications where wet strength is important, GlazeWrap WS uncoated machine-glazed papers deliver excellent performance and durability.

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Fluorocarbon-free OGR Papers

Enhance the safety and sustainability or your food service application with our new fluorocarbon-free barrier technology FlexArmor™ for oil- and grease-resistant papers.

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Enhance Safety and Sustainability with Fluorocarbon-Free Technology

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Our Commitment to Sustainable Forestry

We are proud to hold several forestry certifications that help ensure our products are sustainably sourced from well-managed forests. As responsible stewards of the environment, we’re committed to preserving our woodlands for the benefit of future generations.