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Specialty Papers

Food Service Papers for Specialty Applications

From candy cups to stick paper, we offer a variety of specialty papers in a range of basis weights for niche food service applications. Whether you need high strength, multiple colors or waxing base, we have a range of options to meet your specialty needs.

In image of a young boy eating a lollipop.
  • An icon of a paper candy cup.
    Candy Cup
    Release-treated candy cup paper is OGR-treated and designed to be fluted. Multiple color options are available.
    Basis Weight Range: 20-30 lb.
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    Stick Paper
    Our high-strength stick paper is designed to accept adhesives for specialty food applications such as lollipops. Wet-strength options are also available.
    Basis Weight Range: 40-70 lb.
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    Twisting Paper
    Our high-strength twisting papers are designed to accept wax and are available in a variety of colors for applications such as candy wrappers.
    Basis Weight Range: 20-40 lb.

Fluorocarbon-free OGR Papers

Enhance the safety and sustainability or your food service application with our new fluorocarbon-free barrier technology FlexArmor™ for oil- and grease-resistant papers.

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Enhance Safety and Sustainability with Fluorocarbon-Free Technology

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Our Commitment to Sustainable Forestry

We are proud to hold several forestry certifications that help ensure our products are sustainably sourced from well-managed forests. As responsible stewards of the environment, we’re committed to preserving our woodlands for the benefit of future generations.