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Wet-Strength Beverage Labels

  • Print-side smoothness for excellent printed appearance

  • Coatings suitable for rotogravure and offset presses

  • Modified wet strength for caustic solubility

  • Reverse-side treatment engineered for wet-glue adhesives

  • Suitable for high-speed labeling processes

  • Wet opacity feature for white label applications available

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Multiple Finishes. Optimal Printed Appearance.

Designed for wet-strength label applications, ProPoint coated beverage labels deliver excellent wet opacity and caustic solubility. With semigloss, matte and metalizing finishes available, these grades feature a high-fidelity print surface for an optimal printed appearance. ProPoint also has a reverse-side treatment for wet glue adhesives and performs well in high-speed labeling processes.

Great For:

  • Rotogravure and offset printed beer bottle labels
  • Caustic soluble returnable bottles (Canada)
  • ProPoint™

    ProPoint coated beverage labels feature a semigloss finish and are designed for caustic solubility, wet opacity and excellent print performance.

    See Data Sheet

  • ProPoint™ Medalist

    Designed for vacuum metalizing in wet strength label applications, ProPoint Medalist features a high-fidelity print surface and gloss coating, combined with modified wet strength for caustic solubility.

    See Data Sheet

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