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Coated, Machine-Glazed Base Papers

  • Coatings designed for solventless, radiation and emulsion silicones

  • Excellent dimensional stability for laminate lay-flat

  • Reverse side coated for balanced sheet

  • Clean, white, premium appearance

  • Scoring and cracking capabilities

A person applying base paper.
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A Premium Look

PointSil® is a functional one-side, release-liner base sheet designed for pressure-sensitive labels and laminations. PointSil features excellent dimensional stability for laminate lay-flat and a clean, white, premium appearance. Coatings are designed for solventless, radiation and emulsion silicones.

Great For:

  • Pressure-sensitive applications
  • Graphics
  • Laser-printed labels
  • Stamps
  • PointSil® CCK Liner

    Pointsil CCK Liner is a functional one-side, liner base sheet designed for excellent dimensional stability and appearance. This grade is available in a wide variety of basis weights.

    See Data Sheet

  • PointSil® CCK Liner LZ

    PointSil CCK Liner LZ features a backside coating and rougher backside surface for more challenging sheetfed, pressure-sensitive applications.

    See Data Sheet

  • PointSil® Densified Liner

    Designed for demanding graphic release applications, PointSil Densified Liner features a very smooth surface for enhanced performance. This grade also features scoring and cracking capabilities for fast and precise release.

    See Data Sheet

  • PointSil® Office

    Available in a variety of basis weights, PointSil Office base sheets are designed for sheetfed, pressure applications such as laser printed labels.

    See Data Sheet

  • PointSil® Stamp

    Designed for pressure-sensitive stamp applications, PointSil Stamp offers excellent dimensional stability for laminate lay-flat, combined with glossy reverse side coatings for printability and balance.

    See Data Sheet

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Our Commitment to Sustainable Forestry

We are proud to hold several forestry certifications that help ensure our products are sustainably sourced from well-managed forests. As responsible stewards of the environment, we’re committed to preserving our woodlands for the benefit of future generations.