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Mill Tour

From Pulp to Paper. Tour Our Process.

Whether it’s our diverse portfolio of specialty paper products or highly customized solutions, Pixelle has the experience and technical capabilities to meet your growing demands. And it all happens at our fully integrated pulp and paper mills in Spring Grove, Pennsylvania, and Chillicothe, Ohio. Take a virtual tour of our process and discover how paper is made.


Welcome To Pixelle

Get acquainted with our people, our products and our process. Begin your mill tour and discover how we make paper from beginning to end.

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Sustainable Forestry

The papermaking process begins with trees and our long-standing commitment to sustainable forestry. Learn how we harvest timber and preserve our natural resources.

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At The Wood Yard

The wood yard is the first stop for timber in the papermaking process. Learn how logs are sorted, debarked, chipped and prepared for the pulp mill.

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The Pulping Process

After wood has been chipped and screened it enters our pulp mill. Learn how we separate fibers from lignin and prepare them for making paper.

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The Paper Machines

Paper machines can be as long as a football field with paper traveling up to 60 miles per hour. Watch how pulp travels through our machines to become quality paper.

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The Finishing Touch

In the finishing area paper is prepared in sheets and rolls according to our customers' specifications. Learn how we cut, wrap and package our papers.

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In the shipping department, we use sophisticated tracking technology to keep customers informed and improve on-time delivery. Learn how we deliver.

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Contact a representative

We offer a broad range of support services, but our most valuable service is personal attention from a team of people who understand your business.

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