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Defensa® Security Papers

State-of-the-Art Security Paper

  • Outstanding performance on offset and digital equipment

  • Designed for inkjet, with superior image density and ink drying

  • Available with overt and covert security features

  • Compatible with microprinting, thermochromic ink, holograms and void pantograph for additional security

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The Premier Choice

Your best defense against document alteration, forgery and counterfeiting, Defensa Security Papers offer a wide range of built-in security features to provide the protection you need for security document printing. With Printloc® toner adhesion available for an additional layer of security, and Defensa for inkjet options, we have the right solution for your security paper needs.

  • Defensa® Basic

    Foundational security paper made with chemical alteration indicators and UV-sensitive invisible fibers.

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  • Defensa® Design

    Security paper featuring a two-sided pattern to prevent cutting and pasting.

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  • Defensa® Premium

    Maximum security paper featuring visible and invisible embedded fibers, a watermark and full chemical reactivity

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  • Defensa® Security Gate

    A reliable security paper that takes protection to the next level with a customizable artificial printed watermark.

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  • Defensa® True

    A dependable security paper with essential security features and a true Fourdrinier watermark.

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