Uncoated Printing Papers

When you’re expected to maintain consistent quality and high volume, you’d better have the right tools. Pixelle Specialty Solutions™ uncoated printing papers meet your essential needs, with an emphasis on durable, trouble-free printing and converting.

All the Nuts and Bolts, without the Bells and Whistles

  • Comprehensive selection of grades, shades, bulks, and basis weights.
  • Manufacturing flexibility at multiple locations for greater availability.
  • Forest certifications available upon request. 
  • They are also available in 10% increments of PCW/recycled content.
  • Technical expertise and customer commitment.

Select from these Uncoated Printing Papers:

  • Transform® Laser MOCR
    Designed for use on high-speed offset presses and inserters, TransForm® Laser MOCR Papers are whiter and brighter—increasing contrast with the printed image for greater impact.
  • Moistrite® Form Bond
    Designed for use on high-speed offset presses and inserters, Moistrite® Form Bond and Moistrite® MICR Colors provide you the runnability you need when efficiency is critical.
  • Scioto® Ledger
    - Extra smooth surface – assures trouble-free runnability
    - Clear imaging with crisp ink quality
    - Provides durability for tougher end uses, including offset presses and inserters
    - Meets the ANSI Type I OCR dirt guidelines and the ANSI Type III fluorescence guidelines
  • Tiffin® Tag
    - Tough, robust back sheet in any type of multi-part form application 
    - Higher yield than traditional tag 
    - Excellent convertibility 
    - Performs well when die-cutting, scoring and folding 
    - High tear strength, stiffness
  • Worthington® Index
    - Versatile paper
    - Durable, stiff, resistant
    - Smooth, hard surface
    - Good ink holdout
    - Exceptional die-cutting, scoring and folding characteristics