Engineered Products for Custom Solutions

A leader in customized products and innovative solutions, Pixelle Specialty Solutions™ develops tailored products and service solutions to fit your requirements. Many of our engineered products are the result of cooperative efforts between Pixelle Specialty Solutions™ PEOPLE and our customers. Our unique size and fully-integrated operations results in an unsurpassed level of flexibility and responsiveness to meet your needs. Select from these engineered products by Pixelle Specialty Solutions™.

Exhere® Casting Papers

Pixelle Specialty Solutions™ knows what it takes to manufacture consistent, high-quality casting papers to meet your application needs. Our fully-integrated operation allows us to control the product from the forest to your floor, resulting in reliable product performance and superior customer support.

Exhere® Release Liners

Designed to cover a broad spectrum of release applications and a variety of adhesive systems, Pixelle Specialty Solutions™ has the right liner for your job. If our standard offerings don’t meet your needs, we can customize base papers and release systems to address your specific requirements.

High-speed Inkjet

As the leading manufacturer of inkjet papers in North America, the unparalleled Pixelle® product portfolio delivers superior performance, exceptional image fidelity and unmatched value. Increase productivity and profitability with Pixelle – Engineered to meet the demanding needs of your high-speed digital presses with excellent post-processing attributes.

Industrial Specialties

Developed from decades of solving customer challenges, Pixelle Specialty Solutions™ portfolio of Industrial Specialties is one of the broadest in the industry. Customers worldwide rely on Pixelle Specialty Solutions™ technical expertise, R&D, fully integrated operations, and manufacturing flexibility to provide one-of-a-kind product solutions for their niche applications.

Pressure Sensitive Papers

Offering uncoated and specialty-coated facing papers to satisfy your application needs, Pixelle Specialty Solutions™ pressure sensitive papers provide exceptional performance no matter how demanding the specifications. Manufactured according to a very specific set of quality guidelines, our facing papers products and processes are evaluated by dedicated quality-control specialists—and by our most quality-demanding customers. Customers such as the U.S. Postal Service regularly monitor our operations to ensure that our quality management processes meet or exceed their exacting standards.