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When it comes to custom-made specialty paper solutions, we offer a comprehensive range of capabilities. With a dedicated team of product development engineers and industry veterans who know your business, as well as best-in-class technologies, we can help you solve your toughest challenges and bring new products to market.


Inkjet Innovations

Pixelle has been on the cutting edge of inkjet paper innovation for more than 20 years. We not only have an exhaustive product line of specialty papers made for inkjet equipment, we also have a technical team to develop new customized products that perform with the latest inkjet technologies. We work closely with both customers and OEMs to develop paper solutions that meet the rapidly changing demands of new inkjet technologies.

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Barrier Coatings

We have extensive barrier coating capabilities to provide dimensional stability and improve performance for packaging papers and other applications. These coatings help paper trap moisture, repel oil or water, prevent curling and much more. Our coatings do not contain plastics and are repulpable, making them an environmentally friendly alternative to latex-saturated and polyethylene-coated papers.

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Casting & Release Chemistries

We have the technology and engineering expertise to develop high-quality, custom-made casting and release papers to meet your specialized needs. We can combine our base paper with a variety of water-based emulsion, solventless and UV-based release chemistries for a broad range of release paper applications. We can also develop custom casting papers with precise combinations of gloss, strength and release characteristics for curing PVC films and foams, urethane foams and natural rubber.

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Short-run Custom Colors

We offer customers unparalleled flexibility for short-run custom color projects. With more than 120 custom colors already created, and more in development, we work closely with you to create colors that meet your unique needs. With our state-of-the-art color control system, we can create new colors ranging from flourescents to blacks, with finishes ranging from smooth vellum to high bulks. Work with our dedicated product development team to get the right color for your next project.

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Document Security

Our extensive document security offerings are your best defense against document alteration, forgery and counterfeiting. With a wide range of security features available, from Printloc® toner adhesion to invisible embedded fibers that can only be seen under UV light, Pixelle can provide the powerful protection you need for security document printing on both offset and digital inkjet equipment.

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Coating Technologies

Our broad array of coating technologies allow us to apply a wide range of coatings with superior quality. With both on-machine and off-machine solutions available, we can apply multiple coatings for a variety of paper types and applications. We can even create coating formulations for new product development.

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We offer a broad range of support services, but our most valuable service is personal attention from a team of people who understand your business.

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